How to Become a Member of Bethel Baptist Church

Membership is important for many reasons.

  1. A deeper sense of “this is my church – I belong”
  2. It enables you to serve in many positions where membership is required.
  3. Membership says, “I believe in the Mission and Ministry of my church and support its teaching.
  4. It encourages others to accept Jesus Christ, be baptized, and follow the Lord.

Bethel Receives Members by:

  1. Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ, to be followed by Baptism.
  2. By transfer of church letter from another Baptist Church.
  3. By Statement – that you have accepted Christ and have then already been baptized by immersion like Jesus was in Matthew 3:16.

When you are ready, you simply come forward during the invitation hymn and tell Pastor Charlie that you want to join the church.


Dear Friends,

    I encourage you today to take this important step of faith.  I hope that you will allow nothing to hold you back once you realize that Bethel is the church you want to call home.

Pastor Charlie Martin